International Cooperation. A letter from Canada.

Please note that Australia will be Dedicating the Australian Peacekeeping Memorial in our Capital City (Canberra) on 14th September 2017.  This is an important date as it will coincide with Australia’s Military Peacekeeping Commitments, with the world’s first Peacekeepers deployed in the field in Batavia (modern day Jakarta) in what was then known as the Dutch East Indies, which is now modern day Indonesia.  I was one of the instigators of this Project for Australia to have a nationally significant Memorial dedicated to the service, courage and sacrifice of over 80,000 Australian Military and Police Blue Berets, who have served on UN Peacekeeping Operations and other Multinational Peacekeeping Forces around the world.
The link for this Project is:  We would appreciate any donations from our International friends. 😉
We have a very large week of Commemoration activities planned in Canberra for the period 11-16 September, of which we are working with our Federal Government’s Department of Veterans’ Affairs Commemorations Branch.  The details of these Commemorations can be viewed at:
On the Australian Peacekeeper & Peacemaker Veterans’ Association (APPVA) Website the UP-COMING EVENTS briefly describes our activities for APPVA members for Australian Peacekeeper Week; and also on the website we have a historical content under OPERATIONS, which lists a large number of Peacekeeping and other Operations that the Australian Defence Force and Australian Federal Police have served.
I hope that this information may be of some value to you and the addressees on this email.  I look forward to developing and strengthening further relationships with our International Peacekeeper Veteran Community, as we have so much in common with each other.  Many of us have served on the same Peacekeeping Operations as a United Force for Peace and Security, for those less fortunate.
You are more than welcome to include these links on your Project of “Monuments to Peacekeepers around the World.”  I look forward to meeting with you someday, perhaps in 2018 when I visit SPIA HQ in Lyon, France or at the UN Office in Geneva for the UN International Day of UN Peacekeepers.
I wish you well with your project and send best wishes to all fellow International Peacekeepers.
Please do not hesitate in contacting me, should you wish to discuss this matter further.
Kind Regards –
Paul Copeland,
Past National President – APPVA,
International Vice President (Oceania) – Soldiers of Peace International Association (SPIA).
M: +61 419 355 226
Skype: chook660

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